Sorry James

James Herriot: “But I was heading up the Dale, climbing steadily with the engine pulling against the rising ground, then quite suddenly the fog thinned to a shimmering silvery mist and was gone. And there, above the pall, the sun was dazzling and the long green line of the fells rose before me, thrusting exultantly into a sky of summer blue.”

Me: sniff

James: “Spellbound, I drove upwards into the bright splendor, staring through the windscreen as though I had never seen it all before; the bronze of the dead bracken spilling down the grassy flanks of the hills, the dark smudges of trees, the grey farmhouses and the endless pattern of walls creeping to the heather above.”

Me: sob

James: “I was in a rush as usual but I had to stop. I pulled-”

Me: “James you have to save me I’m stuck in this crowded noisy town with these horrible noisy neighbors and I want to be a farmer and I know you’re dead but please come and rescue me and take me back to Yorkshire with you and I promise I’ll make myself useful and help with all your animal stuff please!”

James: “Ahem.”

Me: “Sorry James, I promise I’ll be quite now.”

James: “I pulled up in a gateway, Sam jumped out and went through into a field; and as the beagle scampered over the glittering turf I stood in the warm sunshine amid the melting frost and looked back at the dark damp blanket which blotted out the low country but left the jewelled world above it.”