Endeavour, Seasons 1 – 4: A Review (spoiler free

If you haven’t been watching Endeavour, now is the time to catch up. Season 4 aired recently in the US, and what a season it was. So far, the writers and actors have kept up the amazing quality of the show that got us hooked from season 1.

Endeavour is technically a prequel to the Inspector Morse series. It follows Morse as a younger man just beginning his career as a Detective Constable. After being transferred to the Oxford City Police CID, he becomes an assistant to Inspector Fred Thursday, with whom he soon becomes close friends. Throughout the rest of the series, they work together to tackle some pretty tough cases and uphold the law.

There’s really nothing bad to say about this show. The acting is superb, the characters compelling, and the plots complex. I found the character of young Morse to be interesting, both is his morality, his intelligence, and his stubborn persistence in finding the truth, regardless of whether people liked it, or were offended by it, or even if they ordered him not to.

An Overview of Endeavour

Cringe-worthy material: a bit of violence.

Is there a dog in it: some police dogs, and a brief scene with a Border Collie. This doesn’t detract or add to my ratings but I always mention it for fellow dog lovers.

You’ll enjoy it if: you like mystery, suspense, and good writing.

You won’t enjoy it if: you don’t like TV shows that require you to think. XD

My rating: five stars. (out of five)








Music for Study/Relaxation

Now that I have no life have started school again, it’s time to bring out my study music. I downloaded Tallis: Complete Works for free off Amazon and have been listening to it every morning.

My go to music for studying is early choral music because it’s not very distracting and helps me focus. It can also be quite relaxing. Here is a sampling for you.

What do you listen to for focus or relaxation?