About this blog

Welcome to AMQ, the blog of a 17 year old dog-loving introverted Catholic Homeschool student and pianist of the female variety who dreams of someday becoming a dog trainer and a farmer. I write about all kinds of things, but the majority of my posts are dog-related. Dogs are my passion, my hobby, my friends, and my stress relief. Music feeds my soul and helps me relax and focus. I am and always will be a lover of Baroque.


An accurate description of myself. 

My animal friends/housemates


Molly is a 9 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, and more importantly, one of my best friends. She is somewhat serious and anxious by nature, and prefers the company of people, (but not too many,) to other dogs, so I always say she is an introvert like me. However, she definitely has a silly side. She is an intelligent, athletic dog who enjoys going for walks, hunting mice and moles, barking at the UPS truck, (we’re still working on that,) and above all, being with her people.


Looking fabulous as always.


Brèagha (pronounced breeya,) is my Border Collie puppy. Her name is Scottish for “beautiful” or “lovely,” and I may be biased, but I think she is both of those things. Smart, goofy, my soulmate, my better half, she is a piece of my heart, and we are inseparable.

“He who loves me will love my dog also.”


My goose.


The cats

I am not a cat person. But I have nothing against those who are.


Very cute, but extremely annoying to share a house with.

The outside animals

We raise chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat, with a few turkeys for fun.


The flock.020

The other flock.


The herd.


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