…no one believes in you. No one thinks you know what you’re doing. You doubt yourself just because others do. But if you want to accomplish what you’ve set out to do, you have to say to heck with everyone else’s opinions, put your trust in God and in yourself, and  let the fact that you know that you can do this be enough. It doesn’t matter if no one takes you seriously as long as you do.













7 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. From my own experience I’ve found people who are particularly quick to judge, scoff and say everything I do is so wrong it’s tragic are more often than not the least knowledgeable and least self-assured people out there.

    My reply is always “How so?” in that I don’t seek to argue or justify myself or shout them down but it just gives them a simple and perfect opportunity to put me straight and educate me or just point me in the right direction. To date I’ve yet to be given anything close to an educated or honest response so until that happens I carry on about my business and pay them not one more minute’s thought 🙂


    1. Yeah, a lot of the time people don’t know what they’re talking about, and their response usually boils down to “you’re wrong because you just are.” I actually will ask people if I have any doubt if I’m doing something right or not so when I haven’t asked for someone’s opinion and they keep criticizing and trying to step in and interfere, I just think, “look person, I know what I’m doing and I can handle this, and if you don’t believe that that’s your problem, so out of my way.” But I’m never brave enough to say it as bluntly as that.

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      1. Thing is if I’m actually wrong about something or someone is keen to tell me another take on something I’m genuinely interested to know about it so for me a response that’s pretty much “You’re wrong because of reasons” is where I switch off and pay it no more thought.

        If I’m wrong I don’t mind being put right but if you can’t do that – go home you’re drunk.

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      2. You should let yourself be blunt and brave enough to just blurt out what you think once in a while. I’ll come back to this and possibly create a new post about the dog-trainer and handler that didn’t half give me some stick a few years ago for doing what he was absolutely certain was the most stupid thing on Earth only to later have no choice but to eat his words.

        When you’re right you know you’re right and unless someone that says otherwise can explain why – they’re usually talking utter crap so don’t doubt yourself or worry about upsetting them when you point it out.


      3. What is your blog anyway? I was unable to find it but that’s possibly because my tablet it weird. But yeah, I am great at writing but terrible at talking so it’s hard for me to just say what I mean sometimes.


      4. It’s general crap really but you’re welcome to pay me a visit 🙂


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