What Do I Call Myself?

I find it interesting how people often refer to their dog as their “furbaby” or “furchild” and themselves as their dog’s “mom” or “dad.” Brèagha is a dog. Her mother was a dog. I am not a dog, so I am most definitely not her mother. In order to fully appreciate and understand our dogs, we must think of them as dogs, (not children,) and we must expect them to behave like dogs because they are dogs. It’s unfair to expect them to be anything else. It doesn’t mean we love them less. Dogs are my heart and soul, I am hopelessly in love with them. But I realize how important to my relationship with them it is to be realistic see them and appreciate them for what they are.

If dogs thought like humans, it wouldn’t be the same. Some people say, “my dog is the only one who understands me.” Rubbish. Dogs are incapable of understanding us. They are oblivious to how complicated our lives are. They don’t understand half of the things we do. And they are unable to see our many flaws or judge us for them. How refreshing to spend time with a creature with whom we can let go and don’t have to be self conscious. To me, hanging out by myself with the dogs is a perfect place between being alone and being with another human being. I have company but I don’t feel like I have to watch myself or be careful what I say and how I say it. I don’t have to say anything. We simply enjoy being in each other’s company without a care in the world. Not to say this is a substitute for interaction with other humans, but it makes a nice change from it.

But I digress. If I am not a dog “mom,” than what am I? I don’t like the term “owner.” I own my shoes. I hope to own a nice piece of land some day. I do not own Brèagha. She is a friend. But more than that. I am not responsible for every aspect of my friends’ emotional and physical wellbeing, as I am for hers.

Perhaps the term “guardian” would be more fitting. It implies responsibility without implying that I am related to her. I like it.

Here’s to all us dog guardians and our beautiful dogs.


3 thoughts on “What Do I Call Myself?

  1. Must admit I dislike being referred to as “Mum” by other people including my vet who hollers “Puddi’s Mum and Dad!!!” into the waiting room. “Her Mum and Dad won’t hear mate they’re based about an hour’s drive away on a farm at the arse end of Yorkshire but if you mean the people responsible for her and sat waiting a consultation then I’m your girl!”

    I get that it’s a simple and straightforward way but it just feels cringey and uncomfortable. I’m the owner of them both but like you don’t like to say I “own” them because it implies they’re property with which I have the right do as I please which is true I guess but sounds disrespectful so I don’t like to use it. More often than not I refer to them as “my little friends” because that’s exactly what they are.

    Doesn’t matter on what level they’re always my little friends 🙂


    1. Little friends is good too! When people talk about their friends, most would assume that they are talking about other humans, but for me at least, that’s not the case. I have a friend with two dogs, and the dogs are my friends too. She also has a horse called Snickers she let’s me ride, and Snickers is my friend as well. My neighbor’s dogs Fenway and Rudy that I walk are my friends. It doesn’t mean I don’t see them as animals who think and act like animals, but I don’t believe it makes them less than my human friends, just different. I have more animal friends than human friends. To some that would be sad. I don’t care. XD

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      1. After my husband and our two kids, the dogs are my best friends on Earth and take priority above and beyond anyone else. I don’t give the tiniest toss whether that bothers anyone or makes an odd family member tut and huff and puff either 🙂

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