Hope for July: just an update while the pup is asleep

While I sort of alluded to Brèagha’s bad day last week, I never really wrote about it. I suppose I hadn’t had time to process it. It sort of cast a shadow over the end of the week as my mind kept drifting back to it, but now I am able to stop worrying that she will relapse and get sick again.

I will spare you the gross details, but last Thursday, Brèagha got sick, and the symptoms looked like it could have been parvovirus. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically really really bad. (Just to be clear, I am vaccinating her, but she hasn’t had all her shots yet as she is too young.) So we took her to the vet, she tested negative for it, they gave her some fluids and us some stuff to give her, and we went home. The next day, she was acting almost normal again. It is most likely that she had giardia. To be honest, it was more traumatic for me than it was for her. Her being sick, the possibility of it being parvo, and therefor the possibility of loosing her, was, to be honest, pretty scary. It was one of those experiences that made me realize how easily my life can be turned upside down. How much I need God, the only solid and unchanging thing there is. On top of this, one of my best friends has lost two of her pet rabbits to a sudden and mysterious illness. What a sucky start to July. Let’s all hope for a better rest of the month.

Anyway, now that Brèagha is her old (young?) self again, it’s walks and training as usual. She knows sit and down, and to my amazement, will do both in the house, in the yard, and on walks. Dogs do not generalize well, and if you teach them sit in the kitchen, they usually don’t know what to do if you ask them to sit somewhere else. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem with her. Of course, once she becomes a puppy “teenager,” all my training will temporarily be out the window, I am sure. Anyway, she is learning come, stay, and leave it, and is doing pretty well, though she doesn’t do them consistently. I am pretty relaxed about training right now. She’s a baby. I don’t expect a lot from her. As far as socialization goes, she is getting much more confident on walks. Noises don’t scare her like they used to. She loves it when Molly comes with us, and seems to follow her example of walking calmly along. The one thing she still really hates is the sound of other dogs barking. Perhaps she thinks they are going to come and get her?

Anyway, that’s your pupdate for today. Hope everyone has a great week. My goal for this week is to find my camera charger. I’ve no idea where I put the John Dogg thing.


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