Safety and Other Illusions

A thought-provoking post.

The Cognitive Canine

The other day I was on the final leg of a 20 hour drive from Denver to Seattle. This is a drive my dogs and I make semi-regularly, but it is a grueling one. I was lucky this time to be caravanning with a friend and we stopped somewhere near Snoqualmie Pass to stretch our legs and let the dogs run in the woods. We took a dirt road off the highway, found an unmarked trail head, and started out. It was cool, early evening, and a light rain was falling. Between us we had six dogs, and we had selected this location so that we could allow them to run the trail off leash.

Now, pause here. A serene scene, no doubt. A gorgeous green Northwest forest. Six dogs running and enjoying themselves. Know, now, that I am an anxious person. I worry almost constantly. My imagination is wilder…

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