The Glass of the Internet is Half Empty

The internet can be a source of very positive things. Things that make you smile. This video, for example.

But you know what’s annoying? When I read or watch something that’s positive and makes me smile, and someone comes along and complains about it or says something mean. It kind of ruins it, you know?

Just a few months ago I was watching Crufts dog show live on YouTube. And it was great. While I’m not a fan of the way purebred dogs are bred these days, (for looks and not health,) I can ignore the confirmation showing part because that’s not all there is to Crufts. Nothing and no one on this earth is purely good or bad, folks. Anyway, I was ridiculously excited about the agility and the flyball. I was watching it and I was enjoying it. But there was a chat bar on the side of the screen next to the video, and it was kind of hard not to glance at because of where they put it. Lots of people were saying how much they were enjoying watching it. But some people were saying “animal cruelty” or other such things, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand it. Why, I wondered, can people not just watch and enjoy things anymore? What could possibly be cruel about happy, healthy dogs running around an obstacle course of their own free will? Just watch the dogs having fun, for Dogget’s sake. When you leave a negative comment like that, just for the sake of complaining, you add a bitter note to everyone else’s enjoyment. I can’t speak for the rest of us, but I, for one, do not need help getting into a negative mindset. I do it just fine by myself. The saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” has never been more relevant than it is today. My Mom can’t even share an article on Facebook without being hounded by critics, for crying out loud. (#whyidon’thavefacebook) So please, people in general, while I believe in speaking out against injustice, when there is no injustice to be spoken out against, just shut your mouths. You don’t have to criticize everything. Just let yourselves enjoy it. Don’t be Debbie Downers.


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