Goodbye, Rabbits.

So, I’ve shown you guys lots of pictures of cute little rabbits, but never really explained why I even bred my rabbits in the first place. Do I just love rabbits so much that I want that many?  No. I never really posted about the ultimate destiny of these rabbits because I was afraid of being judged. But I think I should be honest, because it’s not something I’m ashamed of. You’ve probably guessed it by now: they are meat rabbits. We raise them with the intention of eating them. Go ahead, un-follow me. But aren’t you at least a little interested to know why?

First of all, if you are a vegetarian, I am guessing you have already decided that killing animals is wrong, so it’s only natural that you would be against the killing of rabbits. But do you know how many of the people who have judged me for raising meat rabbits have been vegetarians? None. Not a single one. Now that makes no sense at all.

Most if not all of the meat you get in the grocery store, (In the USA at least,) has been raised in a factory farm, or some similar kind of setup. Now, you can go online and read all about factory farms, and watch all kinds of horrifying videos about them. I will leave that to you. But the bottom line is: these animals have lived their lives in terrible suffering, and most likely died horrible deaths. It’s all on YouTube, people. You just have to have the stomach to watch it. I don’t. 10 seconds too much for me. If you are buying this meat, you are supporting factory farms. I’m not saying we never have, and I get that some people can only afford the cheapest meat out there. But If you can avoid it, you should, either by becoming a vegetarian, or by buying your meat from a farmer’s market/local farmer/other reliable source, or by raising you own. We have bought beef and pork from local farmers, butchered 8 rabbits so far, and are planning on raising some chickens for meat. I guess we raise a little here, buy a little there. But all of the above mentioned meat has been humanely raised, and that’s what matters most to us. It seems very odd to me that people can buy factory farmed meat at the grocery store, not thinking or caring where it came from, and here I am humanely raising animals for meat, and I’m the one in the wrong? Get your heads out of the sand, people!

My rabbits live happy lives. They run around a spacious pen, and spend their days digging and hopping and doing normal rabbit stuff. Then they turn into hormonal teenagers, and become very bossy and obsessed with mating and gross. Then it’s time to get them away from my does and their younger litters, and into our freezer. So when it comes time, I don’t feel too terribly bad about quickly and humanely dispatching them and later eating them. I dislike the killing part, very much so, but like I said, it’s quick. I get over it.

So that’s my two cents on the matter. All I’m saying is, when someone tells you they are raising animals for meat, you should think about it a little harder before you gasp in horror. As ironic as it sounds, a lot of people raise their own meat because they are animal lovers. So please, don’t judge.




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