Person of Interest: A Review (spoiler free)

I just watched the last episode of Person of Interest, and I can say with confidence that it was a really great show. When I lose sleep because I’m lying awake, unable to stop thinking about a show, I know it is a good show, and that I will re-watch it many times.

So what is this Person of Interest I speak so fondly of? Well, take a look.

You have to admit, it’s at least a little intriguing, right? Let me give you a basic description without giving anything away.

Harold Finch was a computer programmer who invented a machine, (known simply as the Machine,) for the U.S. government to predict terrorist attacks before they happened. But the Machine didn’t just predict terrorist attacks; it was able to predict all premeditated violent crimes, sometimes identifying the perpetrators, sometimes the victims. The government considered these crimes irrelevant, and at first, so did Finch. But a series of events convinced him to start protecting these “irrelevant” people. Ill equipped to deal with violent criminals, Finch recruited John Reese, a former CIA agent who was presumed dead. Reese was homeless, depressed, and contemplating suicide, but Finch convinced him that he needed a purpose, and Reese took the job. Throughout the rest of the show, they go about stopping crime with the help of the Machine. The Machine gives them the social security numbers of “irrelevant” people, but the catch is, they never know if the person they’re following is the victim or the perpetrator. They are later joined by some other characters, which I won’t give away, and a Belgian Malinois with military training named Bear. Can we stop for a minute to admire how utterly adorable Bear is?


Okay. That’s enough of that.

Jim Caviezel and Micheal Emerson star as Reese and Finch, and their performances and those of all the other actors are superb. This show does a really good job of balancing the really serious stuff with humor. Some episodes were so intense that they had me fidgeting and biting my fingernails, while others were more lighthearted, with more banter between the characters and cute Bear scenes. The plot had enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, and I thought the characters were really well-developed. As the series goes on, you learn more about the characters, (especially Mr. Finch, who at first is very secretive and mysterious,) through flashbacks. A lot of interesting moral questions are raised about the creation of such a powerful machine, just how much power it should be given, and how far the characters can go in the fight against evil without sacrificing their own moral standards.

I have to mention the fight scenes. Much as I am not a huge fan of violence, the fight scenes in this show are exceptionally well-choreographed and martial-arts-y.

There are not very many truly good shows on American television these days, but this one is a gem you really shouldn’t miss.

An Overview of POI

Cringe Worthy Material: Mainly, violence. Not a kid’s show.

Is There A Dog In It: There is a friggin awesome dog in it.

You’ll Enjoy It If: You like action, three-dementiononal characters, a plot that keeps you engaged, and general epicness.

You Won’t Enjoy It If: You dislkike awesomeness or dogs or both.

My Rating: Five Stars




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