New rabbit, pumpkins, and wishing Thorin were more manly… or buckly I guess.

This week has been… different. And kind of busy. A few days ago, I got a Silver Fox rabbit who I am calling Elanor, (in keeping with my naming all of my rabbits after Lord of the Rings characters.) She is shy, to say the least. She has never been handled, so being petted and held is completely foreign to her. I introduced her to the rest of the gang, and she was as scared of them as she is of me. They just hopped around, eating dried leaves and whatever else they could find that was edible, and she ran frantically around the cage, growling and thumping at them. They seemed confused by this behavior. But she is curious about me. She watches with interest as I go about my chores, then pretends not to when I turn in her direction.


Thorin, my buck, has been living with the does for a couple of months now, and still no babies. I’m going to give it a little while longer, but I think I’m going to have to assume that he’s, I guess you could say… a dud. That would mean that I would have to get another buck. According to everything I’ve read, you can’t keep two bucks together, or they will fight. I’m inclined to believe that. Once, I had two male hamsters in the same cage. For a few months, they got along perfectly, seeming to like each other. Then one day, I looked in their cage, and they had killed each other. Come to find out, you can’t keep two male hamsters together. The guy at the pet store said it would be fine… I guess he didn’t know much about hamsters. Anyway, if people say you shouldn’t keep two males of a species together, I tend to take their word for it, because guys… it can be really not good.

Aside from all the rabbit stuff, I have been canning pumpkins. With the help of my mom. (Because I’m scared I would kill us all.) I hope to progress to the point of doing it by myself. Right now, the pumpkin population is still high, though. Four down, six to go. Of course, we humans won’t be the only ones benefiting from this pumpkin massacre; the rabbits greatly appreciate the skins and pulp. Now if they’d just give me some babies…




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