Things I Like, And… Not So Like

Things that annoy me:

Extreme extroverts. Ohmigosh if you don’t stop talking and asking me questions I am going to either have a mental breakdown or EXPLODE. Or something.

Dumb questions. Such as, “Making dinner?” (No, I’m just, you know, cooking organic pasta for the dog. She’s special.) Or, “Watcha doing?” (Actually, I’m not reading a book, I’m sending a top secret message to the FBI. Seriously, what does it look like I’m doing?) I’m not a very nice person I know, XD XD.

Irresponsible dog owners. You are giving all dog owners a bad reputation and getting dogs banned from places they should be allowed. Stop it!

Our cats. Do you have to puke at least once a week? Do you have to? And give that hair tie back, it’s mine, okay?

When people insist on me doing things their way. My brain does not work the way your brain works. Sorry.

Condescension. If you are so much better than everyone else, then why do you bother talking to them?

When people talk over/interrupt me. I’m glad your voice is louder than mine. I’ll just leave this conversation and go read a book or something. Bye.

My clumsiness. Behold, it is I, the world’s clumsiest human being. You should move, because I am going to drop all the stuff I am carrying. Sorry about that.

When people say, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Sherlock Holmes did not say that! He only said “elementary.” The real quote is as follows:

“Excellent!” I cried.

“Elementary,” said he.

To succinctly and superiorly say “elementary” really gives you an idea of Holmes’ personality, and to change it makes no sense. Sorry, I am passionate about this. 😉 But he didn’t say “my dear Watson;” he was not one to mince words.

Things that make me happy:

Dogs. Dogs are my friends. If you love dogs, then you, too, are my friend. If you don’t… I don’t think I can relate to you, like, at all.

Molly. Weird, ridiculously smart, sometimes serious as can be, sometimes a silly nutcase, above all, one of my best friends.

Horseback riding. Horses are such goofballs. I just love being around them.

My brother’s laugh. Sometimes if I say just the right thing in just the right way, it will really crack him up, and he does this high-pitched laugh… oh man, that is one of my favorite things in life.

Puppies. Holding a fluffy puppy just makes me happy. So happy. So. Happy.

When the rabbits run around their pen at lightning speed and kick up their heels. You guys are crazy! Okay, okay, I will give you the food if you just calm down for a second, silly babies.

Hiking. On the trail, all is right in the world.

Spem In Alium. My go-to song for studying, relaxation, and general happiness.

My Faith. Catholics are awesome, and think that you are awesome, too. I mean, that’s not exactly in the catechism, but It’s definitely true.


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