Spoiled? A great post by BrianandLilly

In this day and age, no one seems to want to do anything that requires actual work. All the processed food you see in the grocery store, for example, is evidence of this. But one of my worries is the way people are taking care of their dogs. Some people seem to think that just feeding a dog, letting it outside, and taking it to the vet are the only things dogs need. When the dog becomes hyperactive, destructive, or even aggressive because of all the pent up energy from lack of exercise and training, they just put it in a crate. It’s less work that way. Having a dog is a lot of work, and if you are going to have one, you need to be prepared to care for it to the best of your abilities. They deserve no less.

I think this post by BrianandLilly really highlights the way some people think about their dogs.


When I talk to dog owners they often refer to their dogs as ‘spoilt’. They tell me about the food the dogs eat (often not suitable for dogs human snacks), the bed they can sometimes sleep on (human bed), the walks (‘he gets a walk every day’). I have no doubt they love their dogs. […]

via Underdog, overdog, sidedog… — brianandlily


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