What Non Horse People Should Know About Horse Shows

Last night was the first night I have ever stayed out until one in the morning with my friends. Seeing as I am pretty much the definition of stick-in-the-mud, the person who has to get to bed by a certain time and doesn’t like parties and things like that, that’s pretty incredible. Anyhow. I had no idea that horse shows could be so long. To be fair, if I could drive and had brought a car to this horse show, I probably would have stayed true to my stick-in-the-mud nature and gone home at a reasonable time. But I was with a friend of mine, who happened to be in the horse show. So, you see, as someone who is not a horse person, (I mean, I ride horses fairly regularly but I don’t actually own one, so I wouldn’t exactly feel qualified to say I’m a horse person,) I had the opportunity to learn a few things. Here are some things you might need to know if attending a horse show.

  1. If the horse you are standing next to starts acting antsy, you’d better move.
  2. A potato race is actually a thing and you can win 30 bucks doing it.
  3. There might be dogs there; some people bring their dogs to horse shows. (Awwwwwe cute doggie look at da cute little puppy awe so cute.)
  4. If and when you are asked to hold the anxious horse, remember that being totally relaxed will eventually make the horse relax. Put yourself in the zone. It really works.
  5. If it starts at 6:00 PM it might go all the way into the early hours of the morning.
  6. It’s a horse show. There will be horses, so it’s officially awesome.

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