Knock On Pumpkin

To a non-farmer, my behavior this evening may have seemed a little strange. After all, it’s not every day you see people going around knocking on pumpkins. But this is actually part of figuring out if a pumpkin is ripe enough to pick; if it sounds hollow when you knock on it, and you can dent but not puncture the skin with your fingernail, it’s probably ripe. Of course, if it’s an orange variety of pumpkin, it should be orange or at least mostly orange all the way around. Funnily enough, people knock on wood, not pumpkins, for good luck. But I think I’ll feel pretty lucky when I taste the pumpkin pie these beauties are going to be turned into. At least I hope so.


Also, breaking news: the rabbits are adorable.

And the chickens are noisy.


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