Hatteras, NC

During our vacation in North Carolina, I discovered two things; it is not ideal to be sick while on vacation, but one can have a great time regardless.


I always look forward to our annual trip to  Hatteras. It’s a beautiful place. Once I actually started to feel like a normal person, I was able to enjoy swimming in the ocean, which for the past two years we’ve visited has been very rough. Good for surfing, but not so great when you are standing there in the ocean, and turn around to see a giant wave towering above you. You have two options when this happens; duck under the water or get slammed. It’s kind of fun, safety submerged, to listen to the wave roar over you.


One of the things I like about Hatteras is that it seems to be more pet friendly than where we live. Coffee shops and restaurants with outdoor tables sometimes have bowls of water for those with dogs, and inside some book stores, you may see a cat or two wandering around.


Because traveling is nerve-wracking for Molly, we did not bring her with us, but for the first few days of the trip my brother’s Jack Russell, Cricket, kept us entertained.


It was definitely a fun week, but it’s good to be home. Molly was fine without us, but she was a little exited to see us when we got back. Just a little.



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