The Three Parts of Molly

There’ a sort of joke my brother and I have about our dog Molly having three parts of her personality; Molly, DCI Molly, and Artemis.

Molly is Molly when she’s around the house, walkin’ around, sniffin’ the floor, lookin’ around at everybody, waggin’ her tail and pretty much bein’ as much of a normal dog as it’s possible for molly to be.

Molly is DCI Molly when we’re outside, and she puts her nose to the ground and starts plowing along, sniffing furiously, solemn and detective-like. A dog on a mission. DCI Molly is probably the best tool to find a chicken in the dark.

Molly is Artemis, (ya know, goddess of the hunt and all that,) when she sees a chase-able looking animal and starts walking all stiff-legged, ears all the way forward, high alert. Or, when she madly dashes off after her prey, a bullet of muscle, wild energy, and speed. Artemis is beautiful to watch, but a pain to walk.

So there you go. An exclusive look into life with a GSP.




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