Muscle Memory


The Sensible Part of My Brain: “There are two sharps there, fingers.”

Fingers: “Muscle Memory says there aren’t.”

Sensible: “Muscle Memory-”

Muscle Memory: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Sensible: “Muscle Memory, there are two-”

Muscle Memory: “Lalalalala…”

Sensible: “There are two sharps there.”

Muscle Memory: “…can’t here you!”

Sensible: “Fingers, just listen to me. There are two sharps. Just play it that way, okay?”

Fingers: “Okay.”

Sensible: “Alright, let’s start again.”

Fingers: “Hum dee dum, playing along, okay, I’m going to play TWO sharps here..”

Muscle Memory: “Pssst! One sharp! One sharp!”

Sensible: “TWO SHARPS!”

Muscle Memory: “ONE SHARP!!!”

Fingers” Oh, I just can’t…! One sharp! Oh, I’m sorry, Sensible!”

Sensible: “It’s okay, just let me talk to Muscles.”

Muscle Memory: “Don’t call me that.”

Sensible: “What will it take for you to let the Fingers play it right?”

Muscle Memory: “So you want to make deal, huh? Okay. The Fingers have to play it ten times your way-”

Sensible: “The right way.”

Muscle Memory: “and I’ll stop telling them to do it my way. Deal?”

Sensible: “Deal. Okay, Fingers, we’ve got some drilling to do…”


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