Turkey on the Roof

Last night when I went to get Turken in, he was nowhere to be found. This was worrying, because he is always next to the chicken coop at night. Always.

I decided to get some help from DCI Molly, as well as two guys with flashlights, (my brother and dad.) Two guys with flashlights are always good to have around. DCI Molly was eager to get started on the case, and searched the yard with gusto. Usually when we employ the help of Molly, she runs around the yard, nose to the ground, and then stops and points at some tree or bush. I inevitably say,

“There’s nothing there, Molly,” because it always looks like there isn’t. But I usually find that if I take my finger and draw a straight line from Molly’s nose to where it’s pointing, there’s usually a bird at the end of that line. But tonight, it was different. The DCI was stumped.

Then I heard one of the guys with flashlights say,


This is what he was “what”ing about.

20151010_230233 20151010_230239

So one of the guys with flashlights had to get a ladder, entice Turken over to him, grab him and carry him safely down, flapping all the way.

That was the end of Turken’s adventures.

PS. Sorry for the lack of weekly phodography. I’ll try to get back into it.


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