Luna is something I never thought could have existed. She is a well behaved cat. And today is one of her petting days.

You’d hardly know Luna was there most days. She sleeps and hides, occasionally coming out to sit in the hallway and calmly watch the other cats go about their ways. Sometimes she will come out to romp with them, but most of the time, she just watches. She doesn’t demand anything of anybody. Unless it’s a petting day.

Every now and then, Luna will decide that she needs to be pet, and she needs it right away. Out of the blue, she will walk up to the nearest person and meow LOUDLY. The person whom she has chosen must pet her immediately. But they can’t just pet her; she has to jump up on the cat tree first. Then the chosen person must continue to pet her until she walks away. If they don’t, she will follow them around, meowing. LOUDLY.

Then, as suddenly as the need for attention has come, it has gone. And so Luna goes back to hiding, sleeping, and watching the other cats play.

IMG_1252 IMG_1655


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