More doggy ponderings

Well as you all know I enjoy pondering the dog-human relationship, at length, in blog form. Y’all aren’t the most talkative crowd so I never know if you enjoy it or are bored by it but it’s my blog so there ya go.


My first reaction to some dog owners is always to sigh and shake my head. You know the type. The only exercise the dog gets is being let out in the yard. There is no training of the dog. For some people a dog is just a possession, and they are really only interested in what they get out of the dog, and not in giving anything back besides the bare necessaries, (food, shelter, etc.) Still more people believe the bare necessaries are all the dog really needs because they’ve never bothered to learn much about dogs. They’re not that interested in their dog, or in having much of a relationship with their dog, they just like dogs and they have a dog and that’s really it. And as I say, my first reaction is to shake my head. But then I think about it and I don’t know…

The dog might not be as happy as it could be, but at least it has a home. At least it has food and water and a safe place to live. At least it has someone who cares somewhat about it as opposed to no one at all. Is it better off in a shelter or on the streets? It used to drive me to distraction to see dogs in less than ideal situations like the ones I’ve described. But I think perhaps I would do better to be grateful that the dog at least has a home.

I’m not saying it’s okay for people to neglect their dogs. I think what I am trying to say here is that it’s so easy to become frustrated at things like this, but it is better to focus on the positive aspects of situations that are beyond our control.


I may have gone insane while writing this…

Yup, this is a rant. Please note that my rants are always written at least half jokingly. I’ve written rants in the past and wondered if people get that or not, but better safe than sorry so there you are.

No offense to computery  tech people but guys I freaking hate computer stuff so much.

I have never used a computer program that was “user friendly.” Almost every program I have ever used has given me cause at some point to call in the big guns. In other words, I have to go and get my dad or brother to come and persuade, cajole, force, and bully the program into doing what it’s SUPPOSED to do.

Today I was trying to make some Christmas cards. Easy when you have Hallmark Card Studio on the computer right? But oh no no. Genius Hallmark couldn’t figure out the printer. After printing out 5,000 pages (slight exaggeration) of arrows and “X”s during the configuring process, it didn’t work because OH MY GOSH THE PRINTER IS A FANCY TWO SIDEY ONE OH MY GOSH IT’S TOO HIGH TECH AAAAAAAAAH! This is the 2017 version of Hallmark. Twenty, freaking, seven, TEEN. Is it not reasonable to expect it to know what a two sided printer is?

So, step 2,725,945,021,690,528,317 in this day long process is to get my dad to come and work his magic. And if you say it’s not magic well I say then I don’t know what is.

I tried training it, ya know, with treats and stuff and well it tried to bite me soooooooo…

I guess I’m a better dog trainer than a computer trainer…

Ima go drown myself in 5,000 sheets of arrows and ” X”s…

Can somebody please explain to me why I wrote this?