The Rabbits


“Running” with Brèagha (or finding out just how much of a wuss I really am)

What do you do when your dog’s puppy behavior starts driving you crazy? She can’t jump until she’s older. That rules out agility or any similar dog sport. So I thought I’d try running. Or canicross, to be more accurate, since I had her hooked to one of those leash belt things so she could pull me. (Yes, she was wearing a harness, not a neck collar. Don’t freak out.) So how did it go, you ask?


I know exactly nothing about running. So first I walked a bit. Then I ran until I felt like I was dying, which didn’t take long. Then I walked until I could breathe normally, which took longer. Then ran until it felt like someone stuck a knife between my ribs. Walked until it went away.  All the way to the library and back I did this.

I am a walker. I don’t run. I have the wrong feet. I’m not built for it. I have aaaaaaaall kinds of excuses why I have never run. Bottom line, I don’t see what people get out of it. At all.

Brèagha, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed herself. She learned very quickly that “hike” means she gets to pull on the leash. (Yeaaaaaaah baby!) She seemed a bit frustrated that she didn’t get to do it for very long and a bit concerned about my gasping. But she got to pull on the leash so she was happy.

When we got home, she brought me her ball and I sat on the sofa and threw it for her for a while. Apparently I did not do enough running to actually tire her out. But hey, I tried.

I dislike running. Nevertheless, I will be doing it every day. Either I will die or I will get used to it.

The things we do for love.